FULL ON: the original & complete collection of the Master Acro tutorial series.

Length: 4 hours 44 min
Episodes: 1-27.
Maneuvers: 17

Find detailed content overview below.

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Content overview

1. Master Acro intro and
important notice
3:09 X X X  
2. Pál Takáts intro 1:59 X X X  
3. How to begin? 4:53 X X X  
4. Equipment- Glider and reserve 10:56 X X X  
5. Equipment: Harness setup 8:25 X X X  
6. Equipment: Brake setups 6:22 X X X  
7. Making free brakes 8:49   X X  
8. Making cravat opening modification 7:17   X X  
9. The box, placement and drift & management of altitude 9:48 X X X X
10. Typical emergency situations & reserve deployment 20:27 X X X X
11. Spiral Dive 14:03 X X X  
12. Full Stall - basic technique 19:00 X X X  
13. Full Stall - advanced techniques 9:26 X X X  
14. Wing-Over 20:25 X X X  
15. SAT 14:26   X X  
16. Spin 8:00 X X X  
17. Asymmetric Spiral 9:08   X X  
18. Dynamic Full Stall 14:11   X X  
19. Looping 10:28   X X  
20. Asymmetric SAT 11:46   X X X
21. Helicopter 19:49   X X X
22. Misty Flip 18:18     X X
23. Dynamic Stall to Helico 03:38     X X
24. SAT to Helico 08:27     X X
25. Helico to SAT 07:21     X X
26. Helico to Helico 07:27     X X
27. Misty to Heli 06:25     X X


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