AirG Emilie Peace 2

The chosen size of your wing in square meters

The legend is back!
Colorful and cheeky!
Welcome the Emilie PEACE2!

Sizes 17, 18 and 20 in stock!

She has exactly the same characteristics that made the Emilie PEACE such a wonderweapon for fast and safe Acroprogression. The PEACE2 comes with the same finish as the PEACE and is supported with extra reinforcements. This makes her even more robust and ensures fun over years!
At the same time the canopy tension has been optimized.

As the glider works fine for all negative manoeuvres and multi-connects, the Emilie is also a very popular wing among the world best Competition-pilots. She has won the Worldcup already several times. The Emilie PEACE2 is a perfect compromise between dynamics and easy deepstall behaviour which allows fluent connections.

What's new?
To be honest, we don't intend to change a running system too much.
So we made some little changes to reinforce your Emilie more. At the same time the canopy tension has been optimized. And we have put some cosmetic adaptions on it.

- Black mesh on the leadingedge
- No more QR-Code
- More solid tension straps on A and B
- Plus another feature has been added: The C and D-lines come pre-looped. They can be opened when the glider becomes slower after a while. This makes her shoot again and you don't need to loop the highly tensioned A's and B's.

Technical data

size 17 18 20 22
area 17,2 18,2 20,5 22,0
span 9,85 10,1 10,6 11,1
a/r 5,6 5,6 5,6 5,6
area (proj.) 14,7 15,6 17,5 18,8
span (proj.) 7,9 8,1 8,7 8,9

There are four standard color combinations which are available throughout the year.
Sometimes we have few pieces of special editions, it is best to send a mail.
Contact us at for special offers and special colors...

Which size to choose?
Wingload is a perfect tool to decide which size to get. Depending on your takeoffweight and flyingskills you have a very good orientation about how your glider will behave.

Wing-load = total take-off weight / flat area

Here's some examples for wingloading:

Francois Ragolski 95/17,2 = 5,5
Raul Rodriguez 80/16,4 = 4,9
Christina Kolb 75/16,4 = 4,6
Simon: (72+19)/17,2 = 5,3
Johannes: 93/20,5 = 4,5

4,5 Kg/m² is enough to perform every maneuvre nicely, still having good glide- and thermal performance! Don´t slow down your learning process by switching to a smaller size too early.
To quote Francois: "If you go on a smaller size everthing should be easier. If it´s not, it´s probably not the right size!"

wingload behaviour
<4.3 freestyle
4.3-5.4 acro
>5.4 competition

if you are still unsure about which size to choose, drop us a mail at

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