Instructional Tandem Flights

Save up to 200 EUR when purchasing multiple flights at once.

Exclusively in August 2022 at the Gerlitzen!

Are you scared of doing your first stalls or spirals?
Want to finally nail the perfect Wing-Over or dial in clean tail-slides?
Want to be well prepared for your next SIV training?
Looking for the perfect summer present for a beloved one?

Benefit from a hands-on instructional tandem flight with Pál Takáts on an Ozone Magnum 38m2 tandem equipped with double brake system.

Maneuvers to practice together:
- Active piloting and thermal flying.
- Rolling, pitch control and other basics,
- Spiral-dive,
- Full Stall / Tail-slide,
- Wing-Over,
- Asymmetric Spiral,
- Looping,
- SAT,
- Helicopter.

Exclusively between the 1st-31st of August 2022.
Daily, maximum 4 customers per day (approx. at 9 am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm).

Annenheim, Ossiachersee, Austria, Gerlitzen flying site.

Instructions in:
- English
- German
- Hungarian
- Spanish
- Portuguese

How to book and schedule?
1. Limited slots available (max. 120 in total): first come first serve basis.
2. Simply purchase a flight in the justACRO Shop.
3. SCHEDULE: In the order confirmation email you will receive the contact informations to schedule you date and time.
4. We highly encourage you to reserve the date and time of your flight as early as possible to ensure the availability.

What is included?

- Pre-flight consultation and briefing (approx. 30 min)
- Instructional tandem flight with double brakes: we feel and steer the glider together. The better you get, the less I'll assist.
- If the conditions allow we will climb out as high as possible before heading over to the lake.
- In-flight commands, corrections and tips
- De-briefing after landing (approx. 20 min)
- Automatic life-vest

Not included:
- Cable car ticket.

Optional add-ons upon request:

+ 30 EUR: 360° video of our maneuvers (can be copied to your phone after landing)
+ 50 EUR: Personalized in-depth 30 minutes video de-briefing on the same evening with additional tips & tricks. Questions about any other topic are also welcome.
+ 99 EUR: Get lifetime access to the Master Acro - Full On tutorial video package with a total playtime of 284 minutes.

Refund policy:

- Flights are refundable before 1st of July 2022. We keep a 10% (25 EUR) processing fee.
- After the 1st of July 2022 the flights are non-refundable but remain transferable.
- All purchases after the 1st of July are non-refundable.
- In case that we cannot realize the planned flight due to actual bad weather on the scheduled day and we cannot find an alternative date within the month of August 2022, your payment will be refunded.
- No refund possible for customers not showing up on the agreed date.

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