justACRO D-Bag


The justACRO D-bag makes it possible for paragliders to start from other slow aircrafts such as tandem paragliders, hot-air balloons, helicopters and ultralights.

Attention! For experienced pilots only! To execute D-Bag jumps safely, first you have to master the Full Stall maneuver and learn from an expert how to pack the glider into the D-Bag correctly!

The kit includes:
- D-bag with safety belts
- rubber band set

- 3 ring-release system

- Made of strong Cordura material
- Reliable, safe, simple construction
- Suitable for serial and acro gliders
- Easy to use
- 2 safety belts with velcro - easy to remove and fix safely on the Bag before the jump
- 3 steel hook-up points (releaser can be connected without the use of additional carabiner)

Worldwide shipping directly from stock! Delivery time approx. 14 days.

Choosing your size:
We recommend 'small' size for gliders smaller than 19-20m2 and the 'big' size for everything larger than that.
Note that gliders with rigid parts (for example rigifoil in the leading edge) take more packing volume!

Folding tips by Pál Takáts

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