EXIT - cutaway harness

Hook-up system and safety beld
Safety belts with carabiners

The smart and safe way to perform cutaway jumps for sky-divers and BASE jumpers! In addition, the 'EXIT' also can be used as an ultra light weight paragliding harness.

The system is extremely light and simple without parts that could cause any injury in free-fall.

To use the 'EXIT', first you get into the harness and then gear up your parachute over the top of it. The harness is extremely thin and comfortable to wear. It does not affect the position of the rig on your back, neither causes any problems to reach the pilot chute.

You can use the 'EXIT' cutaway system when jumping with:
- short pants and t-shirt
- tracking pants and jacket
- wingsuits (a small modification on the suit might be necessary: 2 small openings on the left and right sides of the belly is needed for the release systems to come out. On some suits like the Vampire 3, this is a factory made feature designed for belly camera mounting)

When using tracking-, and wingsuits the EXIT harness is located hidden underneath the suit with only the two hookup points and release systems coming out.

The system includes:
- the EXIT harness
- the 3-ring release systems
- 2 safety carabiners with safety belts
- 2 triangle shaped mailon-rapides

- the 3-ring release is equipped with a "safety locking strap" that prevents it to release accidentally prior to jump
- there is an additional safety strap hooked on to the harness with a carabiner till the jumping position is reached. Thanks to this there is absolutely no way of an accidentally disconnect even if a 3-ring release would break.

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