The brand

It all started sometimes back in 2005-2006 when I started to participate in international aerobatics paragliding competitions and released the largest website of acro. Back then I wanted some sort of promotion for the website and for our competition team, so I made stickers and let a friend produce some flying suits for us with our names and the website's logo on it. We were also hot to learn D-Bag jumping from hot-air balloons, as it was our only proper opportunity to get good training altitude on cold Hungarian winter days. I couldn't afford to buy D-Bag myself so I let someone stitch it for me. It worked out well so of course all my friends wanted one as well :-)

This is pretty much how it began...Now, I decided to share these things with the world and created this page! In the future I will continuously develop these products and create new ones in the direction of clothing and technical gear. Your feedback and ideas are always welcomed!

It is going to be great pleasure and satisfaction to bring you people happy moments with my products!

Pál Takáts, designer and owner, 3x Aerobatics World Champion

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